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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a wonderful healing technique that has been used for thousands of years to relax and decrease aches and pains in the muscles as well as, melting away the daily stresses of our lives.

The benefits of Massage Therapy:

* Relieves pain

* Reduces stress

* Improves circulation systemically

* Releases muscle tension

* Improves range of motion

* Increases flexibility& balance

* Releases endorphins

* Lowers blood pressure

* Reduces anxiety and depression

* Helps separate the joints & increases synovial fluid flow

Some injuries that can benefit from massage: 

* Whiplash

* Sciatica

* Cervical Strain

* Tennis Elbow

* Frozen Shoulder

* Rotator Cuff Strain

* R.O.M. Limitations

* Scoliosis

* Headaches & Migraines

* Kyphosis

* Lordosis

* Plantar Fasciitis

Deep Tissue Massage is intended for relief of specific muscular alignments. It is a deeper, more therapeutic form of massage using techniques to achieve the desired results of less overall tension.


60 min              Deep tissue massage                     $80

90 min              Deep tissue massage                     $100

Package deals


Buy 4 60 min massages and get the 5th for free          $320

Buy 4 90 min massages and get the 5th for free          $400

Important Note: Do not come in while you are sick i.e.; cough, cold, flu, fever, etc. Massage increases circulation and can sometimes make your symptoms worse.

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Massage Therapy

Reiki Treatments

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient energy healing
technique that is used by applying the hands either on or near
the body. Reiki does not come from the practitioner, it is a
universal energy that comes from the divine, from spirit. The
practitioner simply acts as a conduit for Reiki. A warm and
soothing sensation of energy flows from the hands of the
practitioner into the recipient, creating a deep relaxation and
release of tension. It has been used to treat aches and pains,
emotional healing or just to simply relax and bliss-out.

Reiki is best received when one is open to the healing process.

By simply lying down on the table and letting go of all thoughts

and expectations, allowing your body to completely relax while

breathing deep and slow because wherever the breathe goes the Reiki flows.


60 min                  Reiki Treatment                     $60

90 min                  Reiki Treatment                     $90

Package Prices 

Buy 4 60 min Reiki Treatments and get the 5th free          $240

Buy 4 90 min Reiki Treatments and get the 5th free          $360

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