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 Billing Insurance?

* Call your insurance provider to find out if you have massage benefits.

* Please bring your insurance card and a copy of your prescription.

Currently accepting clients with the following health insurance:

* If your insurance is not listed here you can contact me to discuss out-of-network billing.

If you would like to submit your session to your health insurance you must have a valid prescription from a doctor, naturopathic, or a chiropractor on file that covers all dates of service and the prescription must include the following:

* A valid diagnosis code (ICD-10 Code)

* Frequency of visits

* Number of visits

* Start/End date

* Prescribing providers name and signature

Auto Accidents also known as PIP

I do accept Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims filed with auto insurance companies for motor vehicle accidents (MVA). If you have been in an auto accident and have a prescription from a medical doctor I can provide you with treatment massage for your injuries while billing the auto insurance so that you may recover quicker without worries of cost.

Treatment Protocol

Please contact me so that we can set you up with an initial appointment and discuss a treatment plan. Please make sure that your prescription includes everything that's listed under the section listed above that's written in red.

Typically, the goals of massage therapy in auto injury recovery are to:

* Reduce pain and swelling

* improve circulation

* reduce systemic stress

* improve range of motion

Some of the most common injuries due to auto accidents are:

* Whiplash

* Headaches

* Low-back pain

* Shoulder pain

* Sprains

* Strains


L&I claims work mostly in the same way as PIP claims. You need a prescription from a medical doctor for massage therapy and have appropriate paperwork filed with a claim number given to you by the Department of Labor & Industries.

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